Tuesday, 27 September 2016

3 April 2016 - BDS @ Ae

Well. What a weekend. Weather was atrocious from start to pretty much finish but track was so awesome, super fun in the slop.

Had an amazing final practice run this morning & knew I just had to try & repeat that a couple of times this afternoon. Crossed the line in qually & heard the announcer say "and George Thompson goes fastest". Ended up 7th at pretty much 3 mins dead, just 3 seconds behind Binnsy. Best ever qually result.

Genuinely thought I went a couple of seconds quicker in my race run but the timer said otherwise, 3:07 & I slipped to 9th. Not a bad result at a BDS but a bit disappointed that I didn't go faster.

Here's some of the action from practice on Saturday. Richard Binns is that you at 1:11? http://m.vitalmtb.com/…/Trackside-2016-Briti…/iceman2058,94…

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