Tuesday, 27 September 2016

23 May 2016 - Borderline @ Llangollen

Another mega weekend racing bikes for facebook.com/revolutionbikeparkracing

It was the 2nd of the Borderline Series over in Llangollen & I was on my own this weekend. The last time I went racing on my own was this exact weekend last year & I crashed & ended up in hospital for 9 days, but I tried not to let that get into my head...

Love the "Son of Squirrel" track, it's pretty straightforward really & pretty short compared to Fort William last weekend. The weather added to the challenge though as one minute it was raining & the track was slick, then it dried out & it was fast, then it rained again & it was fast & wet & by the end it was pretty sticky.

Think there were about 20 vets registered but unsure how many raced on Sunday. (Where did you go Graeme Cocky Cochrane? You had Mark Weightman most confused!) With 2 race runs available I put a safe one in first of all & was 11th, but I think I was the first of 4 people on the same second. 0.7 behind me was Dean Jones. We're so close in every race at the minute, it's developing into an ace battle. Really went for it on my 2nd run but I overcooked a corner near the end & went off track ending up 5 seconds slower. It was coming as I'd only just held a couple a bit higher up. I think it cost me a couple of places as Dean put a couple of seconds into me & I think someone else did as well, so probably ended up 13th. Not 100% sure though as there were a few issues with the timing.

Christ knows how people do this for a job though, fair play to them all. I've raced 2 weekends in a row & done a day training with facebook.com/jackreadingdhr/ on Friday & I'm battered. It's nothing a few days rest won't cure but standing up is currently a struggle. 

Oh well, there's another national next weekend, this time it's Bala, with a full team out... Might as well get a few runs in at Revs on Friday then before doing a track walk :)

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