Monday, 26 September 2016

21 March 2016 - SDA @ Ae

Oh how I've missed this, waking up feeling like you've been thrown down a flight of stairs... Such a top weekend head butting trees & racing bikes down hills with Richard Binns. Sunshine throughout & an amazing track up at Ae. Traverse along the top made it interesting & building the step down up higher made it much smoother. Also loving being back at the SDA's their 2 race run format. Both decided to stick a safe one in on the first run & then go for it on the second. Both did that. Binnsy 9th, me 13th after the first run & knew we could go quicker. 2nd run Binnsy had an over the bars on a pinch point near the top, I nailed the rooty section through the woods I'd been struggling with, got a bit excited & made a stupid mistake on the stream gap. Think both second run times were very similar to first runs & we stayed in 9th & 13th. Vets field was stacked, possibly the strongest we've ever raced against so we're pretty happy with that. 
Massive shout out to Jason Shill who took the win in Masters & Jack Reading who took third in Elite, good skills boys & to Dave Ingleby & all the SDA team for marking out such an ace track & giving us such a top weekend of racing.
Season is underway. Back at Ae in 2 weeks for the BDS...

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